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200% warranty!

What does this mean?

We promise you a website that accurately define both the company you represent, and the value you provide to your clients.

  • If you are not satisfied with the result we promised, we will refund all your money!
  • Moreover, we will develop a two-page presentation site (company description and contact) you can use until finding a new web service provider.

What are our expectations from you, our partner?

If you are looking for a company that creates your site without you lifting a finger, then you’re not in the right place! We use to involve our clients in all stages of execution: we’ll put you questions, we’ll collect as much information as we can about your products or services, about your customers and about the policy your company.

This is the only way to be sure that at the very end, when the final line is drawn, the customer will smile and say:  “Yes, guys, this is exactly what I envisioned for my site”.

The steps we follow for every one of our web design projects:


Initial contact: The purpose of our first meeting is to discuss the general coordinates of the project. So, you could tell me which are your desires and what you intend to accomplish.


Information gathering: We will send you a questionnaire for identifying your needs, afterwards we will thoroughly analyze your answers. At this point we will know what you expect from your website with an accuracy of about 70-80%. The remaining issues will be solved through other communication channels.


That extra winning: Once we’ll know exactly what you want from your site, we will try to understand the essence of your business, to “feel” what the website is really about.


Proposed solution: After we will have all this information, we will establish the whole structure and the look of your website. We will present our commercial proposal with the exact specifications of the functionalities and delivery time using the Agile technology.


Correlation between stages: once a stage is completed, we will present you the results, and afterwards continue with the next stage of development. In this way you are in complete control of the entire development of the project which allows you to make changes with significantly less extra cost.


Deployment: After we will successfully have completed all stages of the project and we will have the final result, we will present it to you one for the last time. This is the step where you should decide whether you like what you see. In case everything is ok – how you expected to look like – because, we will definitely do our best for attaining this goal – we will launch the site on the hosting server.


Once more: if you are not happy with final result, you are not obligged to pay!


Maintenance and support: The completion of the website does not mean that this is the end of our collaboration. We offer you: the maintenance of the site, SEO services, upgrades, re-design si everything you might want.


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contact person: István Mészáros